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Peer reviewed publications


2021    Pahlevan, N., Mangin, A., Balasubramanian, S.V., Smith, B., Alikas, K., Arai, K., Barbosa, C., Bélanger, S., Binding, C., Bresciani, M., Giardino, C., Gurlin, D., Fan, Y., Harmel, T., Hunter, P., Ishikaza, J., Kratzer, S., Lehmann, M.K., Ligi, M., Ma, R., Martin-Lauzer, F.-R., Olmanson, L., Oppelt, N., Pan, Y., Peters, S., Reynaud, N., Sander de Carvalho, L.A., Simis, S., Spyrakos, E., Steinmetz, F., Stelzer, K., Sterckx, S., Tormos, T., Tyler, A., Vanhellemont, Q., & Warren, M. ACIX-Aqua: A global assessment of atmospheric correction methods for Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 over lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. Remote Sensing of Environment, 258, 112366

2021    Jiang, D., Matsushita, B., Pahlevan, N., Gurlin, D., Lehmann, M.K., Fichot, C.G., Schalles, J., Loisel, H., Binding, C., Zhang, Y., Alikas, K., Kangro, K., Uusõue, M., Ondrusek, M., Greb, S., Moses, W.J., Lohrenz, S., & O'Donnell, D. Remotely estimating total suspended solids concentration in clear to extremely turbid waters using a novel semi-analytical method. Remote Sensing of Environment, 258, 112386

2020    Balasubramanian, S. V., Pahlevan, N., Smith, B., Binding, C., Schalles, J., Loisel, H., Gurlin, D., Greb, S., Alikas, K., Bunkei, M., Moses, W., Nguyen, H., Lehmann, M. K., O’Donnel, D., Ondrusek, M., Han, T.-H., Fichot, C. d. G., Moore, T., & Boss, E. Robust Algorithm for Estimating Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in Inland and Nearshore Coastal Waters. Remote Sensing of Environment. 111768

2020    Pahlevan, N., Smith, B., Schalles, J., Binding, C., Cao, Z., Ma, R., Alikas, K., Kangro, K., Gurlin, D., Hà, N., Matsushita, B., Moses, W., Greb, S., Lehmann, M. K., Ondrusek, M., Oppelt, N., & Stumpf, R. Seamless retrievals of chlorophyll-a from Sentinel-2 (MSI) and Sentinel-3 (OLCI) in inland and coastal waters: A machine-learning approach. Remote Sensing of Environment, 111604.


2019       Özkundakci, D., & Lehmann, M. K. (2019). Lake resilience: concept, observation and management. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, 1-8.


2019       Lehmann, M. K., Nguyen, U., Muraoka, K., & Allan, M. G. Regional trends in remotely sensed water clarity over 18 years in the Rotorua Lakes, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, 1-23.


2018       Lehmann, M. K., Nguyen, U., Allan, M., & van der Woerd, H. Colour Classification of 1486 Lakes across a Wide Range of Optical Water Types. Remote Sensing, 10(8).


2018       Wang, S., Li, J., Zhang, B., Spyrakos, E., Tyler, A. N., Shen, Q., Zhang, F., Kuster, T., Lehmann, M. K., Wu, Y., & Peng, D. Trophic state assessment of global inland waters using a MODIS-derived Forel-Ule index. Remote Sensing of Environment, 217, 444-460.


2015       Janssen, A. B. G., Arhonditsis, G. B., Beusen, A., Bolding, K., Bruce, L., Bruggeman, J., Couture, R. M., Downing, A. S., Elliott, J. A., Frassl, M. A., Gal, G., Gerla, D. J., Hipsey, M. R., Hu, F. J., Ives, S. C., Janse, J. H., Jeppesen, E., Johnk, K. D., Kneis, D., Kong, X. Z., Kuiper, J. J., Lehmann, M. K., Lemmen, C., Ozkundakci, D., Petzoldt, T., Rinke, K., Robson, B. J., Sachse, R., Schep, S. A., Schmid, M., Scholten, H., Teurlincx, S., Trolle, D., Troost, T. A., Van Dam, A. A., Van Gerven, L. P. A., Weijerman, M., Wells, S. A., & Mooij, W. M. Exploring, exploiting and evolving diversity of aquatic ecosystem models: a community perspective. Aquatic Ecology, 49(4), 513-548.


2009     Lehmann, M. K., Fennel, K., and He, R.: Statistical validation of a 3-D bio-physical model of the western North Atlantic, Biogeosciences, 6, 1961-1974

2004      Lehmann, M. K., Davis, R.F., Huot, Y., Cullen, J.J. The use of spectrally-weighted transparency in models of water-column photosynthesis and photoinhibition by ultraviolet radiation, Marine Ecology Progress Series 269: 101-110.

Book chapters and reports


2019       Giardino, C., Kõks, K.-L., Bolpagni, R., Luciani, G., Candiani, G., Lehmann, M. K., Van der Woerd, H. J., & Bresciani, M. The Color of Water from Space: A Case Study for Italian Lakes from Sentinel-2. In. IntechOpen.


2018       Lehmann, MK and Hamilton, DP: Modelling water quality to support lake restoration in Lake Restoration Handbook: A New Zealand Perspective. Eds. Hamilton, DP, Collier, K, Howard-Williams, C and Quinn, J. Springer. 


2017        Lehmann MK, Hamilton DP, Muraoka K, Tempero GW, Collier, KJ, Hicks, BJ:  Waikato Shallow Lakes Modelling. ERI Report No. 94. Environmental Research Institute, Faculty of Science and Engineering, The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.


2016       Lehmann MK, Schallenberg LA and Allan M: Feasibility of Aquatic Environmental Monitoring by Remote Sensing for the Waikato Region. ERI Report No. 87.  Client report prepared for Waikato Regional Council.  Environmental Research Institute, Faculty of Science and Engineering, The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Conference presentations


2020      Lehmann, M. K., Hawes, I., Allan, M. G., & Muraoka, K.  Prediction of the optical water type of lakes from catchment properties. Presented at the Ocean Sciences, San Diego, USA.


2019       Lehmann, M. K., Cotter, S., Doscher, K., Harding, J., Kargren, R., Kelbe, D., Miteff, S., Rabel, H., Scarlet, E., Schafer, R., Steel, D., & Uckun, T. New Zealand as a Calibration and Validation Partner for Satellite Imagery. Presented at the ESA Living Planet Symposium, Milan, Italy.


2018       Lehmann, M. K., Nguyen, U., & Allan, M. G. (2018). True colour of 1,400 New Zealand lakes: clean, green and pristine? Presented at the Ocean Optics XXIV, Dubrovnik, Croatia.


2017        Lehmann MK, Nguyen U, Allan M: Colour and observation frequency of all New Zealand lakes from Landsat 8. International Ocean Colour Science Meeting 2017. 15 May 2017 (Poster), Lisbon, Portugal


2017        Lehmann MK, Nguyen U, Allan M: New Zealand-wide lake colour statistics from spaceborne sensors, ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Honolulu, USA.


2016       Leys V, Lehmann, MK: Multi-inlet migration modeling for navigation channel management in Tabusintac Bay, Eastern Canada, 35thInternational Conference on Coastal Engineering, Antalya, Turkey.


2016       Lehmann MK, Nguyen U, Allan M: New Zealand-wide lake colour and visibility statistics from spaceborne sensors, New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society Conference, Invercargill, New Zealand.


2015       Lehmann MK: Quantitative assessment of water quality improvements in Lake Rotoiti as a result of the diversion wall, New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society Conference, Wellington.


2014       Session Chair for “The Future of Solar Energy is Bright!” at the 2014 Nova Scotia Energy R&D Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


2013       Lehman MK: Eutrophication Modeling: Assessment of Eutrophication in Estuaries by Dynamic Ecosystem-hydrodynamic Models, presentation at the Canadian Heritage Rivers Conference, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.


2008     Lehmann MK. Environmental control of phytoplankton size distribution, Seminar, Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University, Halifax.


2008     Lehmann MK, Fennel K, He, R, Wilkin J. A bio-optical product from a coupled bio-physical ocean circulation model of the western North Atlantic, ICES Annual Science Conference, Halifax.


2008     Fennel K, Previdi M, Lehmann MK, Wilkin J, He R, Najjar R. Modelling biogeochemical processes on the North American east coast continental shelf, ICES Annual Science Conference, Halifax.


2008     Lehmann MK. A bio-optical product from a coupled bio-physical ocean circulation model of the western North Atlantic, Ocean Sciences, Orlando.


2005      Lehmann MK, Cullen JJ. Stochastic methods to quantify the effect of environmental variability on plankton ecosystems, Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, Vancouver.


2000     Lehmann MK, Davis RF, Huot Y, Cullen JJ. Poster: Biological weighted transparency: A predictor for water column photosynthesis and its inhibition by UV radiation, Ocean Optics XV, Monaco.


2000     Lehmann MK, Attenuation of UV radiation, and the potential for biological in lakes, Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Antonio.

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